By Matt Riedl
Wichita Eagle

A former Democratic legislator will be heading back to Topeka in the new year to fill the rest of Rep. Carolyn Bridges’ term.

Henry Helgerson, 63, was chosen by Democratic precinct representatives on a 4-2 vote to serve as the representative for District 83, which includes Eastborough and parts of east Wichita.

Helgerson was chosen over 31-year-old Chris Pumpelly, who was a spokesman for Paul Davis’ 2014 gubernatorial campaign.

The first two rounds of voting Tuesday night resulted in ties. Only after the six precinct voters present went into a caucus was the tie broken.

Helgerson will fill a vacancy left by Bridges, a former educator who announced her resignation from the House earlier this month, saying she was frustrated about lawmakers’ views on educators.

Bridges nominated Helgerson for the position, saying he “knows who to talk to and how to talk to people.”

Helgerson got teary-eyed in his nomination acceptance speech, saying he wanted to return to the Legislature because “the state that we are in right now is not the state” he loves.

“I remember a time when we used to do things … we reduced taxes and we balanced the budget, and we did all this in a bipartisan way,” he said. “I still have that dream that that can happen.”

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