TOPEKA – On Monday, Johnson County area legislators attended a meeting of the Johnson County Commission on Aging where they attempted to silence commission members concerns about the new Health Care Compact law. 

“Kansans should be extremely concerned about the new Health Care Compact law”, Burroughs said. “Its potential effects on Medicare could cause great harm to our seniors. The livelihood and well-being of over 450,000 Kansas seniors now lays in the hands of the same politicians with a track record of cutting schools, diverting money from transportation programs, and driving the state into debt.” 

Rep. Burroughs also noted that the Compact could potentially hurt coverage for some Kansans with disabilities and children, “It saddens me that our Governor and some members of the Legislature are once again putting politics before vulnerable Kansans." 

The Johnson County Commission on Aging isn’t the only organization to raise concern about the new law. Throughout debate as a bill, the Health Care Compact was opposed by the Kansas AARP, as well as Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger. 

“It is completely inappropriate for a legislator to threaten any citizen or group for merely expressing their views. This is more evidence of the style of politics embraced by Sam Brownback's Republican Party, ' Burroughs said, referring to several comments made by legislators at the meeting Monday.  During debate on HB 2553, the Health Care Compact Bill, an amendment was offered to exempt Medicare.  

"Governor Brownback and his supporters were given an opportunity to say that Medicare is worth protecting, but instead, they voted no.” 

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