Burroughs Criticizes Tax Package Passed by House
Protects businesses at the expense of everyday Kansans

Topeka, KS: The Kansas House of Representatives finally passed a tax package Wednesday afternoon. “There is only one word to describe the tax bill that passed the House,” House Democratic Leader Tom Burroughs (D-Kansas City) said, “depressing.”

“Not only is this the largest tax increase in Kansas history, but it unfairly increases the tax burden on poor, middle class, and working families. Kansans will now pay more for everyday essentials as a result of the increased sales tax rate, while simultaneously paying more in income taxes due to the elimination of certain tax exemptions, itemized deductions, and tax rebates,” Burroughs said. “We are literally increasing the cost of living in Kansas on those who can afford it the least.”

Burroughs outlined how the bill hurts Kansas citizens: “This bill makes it even harder to be a student in Kansas by reducing money that goes into public classrooms.

“This bill makes it even harder to be a middle class family in Kansas by increasing the sales tax on all purchases.

“This bill makes it even harder to be a senior in Kansas by eliminating and reducing itemized deductions.

“This bill makes it even harder to be poor in Kansas by raising 80% of the revenue in a regressive fashion.”

And, Burroughs criticized the bill for failing to address the root of the problem:

“This bill does not reverse Brownback’s failed experiment. “This bill does not require businesses to pay income taxes.

“This bill does not put Kansas on a sustainable path to financial solvency.”

“It’s appalling Republicans voted for a tax plan that burdens three million individual Kansans with higher taxes, just so 330,000 businesses can continue to pay nothing,” Burroughs said. “It is well past time for them to admit: Brownback’s tax plan has failed. Kansans deserve so much better.”

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