In May, Republicans and Democrats joined together to pass a budget using the most current revenue estimates available from the Consensus Estimating Group.  Unfortunately, the economic condition of the country caused revenues to slip below estimates provided to the Legislature last spring.   As a result, Governor Mark Parkinson announced his plan today to ensure the state meets its financial obligations in 2010 in a responsible and reasonable manner.

"All states are struggling with declining revenues, and Kansas is no exception," said House Democratic Leader Paul Davis.  "It is never easy to cut programs and services, but the financial situation we face is severe and immediate.  Governor Parkinson has demonstrated thoughtful leadership in his effort to steer us through this difficult economic time.  I applaud him for reaching out to legislative leaders in both parties to determine how necessary allotments should be allocated."

Davis also expressed disappointment that the House Republican leadership team continues to play politics and lay blame for the state's economic condition on the bipartisan group of legislators that voted for the omnibus budget.  

"The economic condition of the state mirrors that of the entire country.  No budget proposals- including the budget alternative pushed by House Republican leadership- would have prevented the situation we face today.  Governor Parkinson would still be forced to make allotments, but on programs and services that already endured crippling reductions.

"No solutions are ever found by pointing fingers.  Now more than ever, Democrats and Republicans must work together to address these critical budget issues," said Davis.  "The 2010 session will require even more painful decisions.  Everything will have to be on the table, including proposals that went largely ignored in 2009.  House Democrats will continue to work on budget solutions that are responsible and share the pain involved in these budget challenges."


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