House Democratic Leader Paul Davis:

"The State Finance Council has issued at least one certificate of indebtedness in each of the last 10 years.  It is a necessary cash management tool, especially at this point in the fiscal year. 

"The argument that it is illegal for the State Finance Council to issue a certificate of indebtedness before Governor Sebelius considers Senate Bill 23 is simply false.  These kind of political games are highly irresponsible when over 40,000 state employees are counting on receiving their paychecks later this week.

"Kansans need immediate, responsible action from their legislative leaders in order to protect critical interests such as state employee payroll, Medicaid services and income tax refunds.  Republican leadership is playing politics with the livelihood of many Kansas citizens."   

Senate Democratic Leader Anthony Hensley: 

"In an effort to force Governor Sebelius into signing the 2009 budget in full, Republican Leadership today refused to approve a certificate of indebtedness.  This ultimatum is one of the most irresponsible actions I've witnessed in the 33 years I've served in the Kansas Legislature.

"President Morris and Speaker O'Neal have taken a page out of the Newt Gingrich play book of reckless and thoughtless leadership. 

"Without a certificate, the State of Kansas will be unable to meet its obligations to make payroll for thousands of state employees, to pay refunds to income taxpayers, and to provide Medicaid assistance to countless disabled and elderly Kansans.  To put the livelihood, health and welfare of Kansas citizens at stake just to win political points is inexcusable."

"Now is not the time to play partisan political games.  Instead, we owe it to the people of Kansas to work together to lead our state out of its current budget crisis."