During the 2007-2008 legislative sessions, Democrats in the Kansas Legislature voted for $1 billion in targeted tax cuts to benefit local businesses, families and seniors.  They supported initiatives to encourage economic development, voted to eliminate taxes on business machinery and were unwavering in their support for employers such as Boeing and Cessna.

"Our caucus worked diligently in both the House and Senate to make Kansas a better place to do business," said House Minority Leader Dennis McKinney, Greensburg.  "Yet the Chamber is funding unwarranted, last-minute attacks on candidates who have taken the lead in preventing illegal immigration."

The Chamber's attacks target Democrats who have consistently worked to address the main source of illegal immigration in Kansas: worker misclassification.  Unethical employers frequently hire undocumented workers as contractors to avoid paying taxes and benefits required for legal workers.  Democrats have proposed stricter employment practices and oversight of subcontractors.  They also worked to prohibit guilty companies from bidding on contracts funded by taxpayers. 

"We want to protect responsible Kansans who play by the rules," said Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley, Topeka.  "It is disappointing that the Chamber opposes our effort to crack down on unscrupulous employers who knowingly break state hiring laws and disrespect Kansans who want to work.  The Chamber certainly isn't representing the interests of Main Street by attacking candidates who want to save taxpayer dollars and solve this problem."

Looking to 2009, Democrats in the Kansas Legislature will continue to stand up for Main Street businesses. 

"We seize each opportunity to work with our local chambers of commerce as they are critical in generating community-based growth," said Hensley.   

"Both House and Senate Democrats are committed to making health coverage more affordable and helping small businesses succeed.  These priorities apparently do not match those of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce," said McKinney.

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