The first redistricting meeting took place June 1, 2011, followed by 14 public meetings across the state beginning July 26th. Nearly a year later, both the House and Senate have approved their respective new boundaries. Unfortunately, the House broke with decades of tradition today and introduced a new proposal to alter the Senate map.

“Speaker O’Neal has set a terrible precedent that will send this process into chaos,” said Senate Democratic Leader Anthony Hensley (D-Topeka). “It is impossible for everyone to get exactly what they want, but the Ad Astra map is a reasonable compromise that received a constitutional majority of votes. That’s how democracy works. It is time to end this partisan showdown and focus on the issues that really matter to Kansans.”

"It is a disgrace that Kansas is the only state in the country that is still dealing with the redistricting process.  And now, Gov. Brownback wants to drag it out even further,” said House Democratic Leader Paul Davis (D-Lawrence). “Enough is enough. Gov. Brownback needs to drop his obsession with running Republicans who don't agree with his right-wing agenda out of the Legislature.  Redistricting seems to be Gov. Brownback's paramount issue. His insistence on getting his way has caused the Legislature to leave behind the important issues of job creation, restoring education funding and cutting property taxes.”

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