TOPEKA - A three-judge panel was forced to take over the constitutionally-mandated redistricting process this week, following months of partisan gamesmanship by Gov. Sam Brownback that prevented the Legislature from completing maps themselves.  Despite continued interruption this session, both by himself and members of his staff, the governor has once again interfered in the process. In a public statement issued yesterday, Brownback urged the court to reject all of the legislatively-approved maps currently under consideration.

“Gov. Brownback continues to be heavily involved in a process he openly said should be left up to the Legislature,” said Senate Democratic Leader Anthony Hensley, Topeka. “The Governor is blatantly using reapportionment to oust any member of his own party who dares stand up to his extreme conservative agenda. His involvement has poisoned the process, making a difficult task impossible to complete.”

“The first redistricting meeting took place over a year ago, and we are no closer to new maps now than we were then,” said House Democratic Leader Paul Davis, Lawrence. “The Governor's continual interference has been the main roadblock from the beginning. It is highly inappropriate for him to further involve himself in this when his only real interest is political. He might not like it, but Gov. Brownback can only control one branch of government. He needs to get back to his job and let the court fix the mess he created.”

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