The following statement comes from House Democratic Leader Paul Davis:

“There are certainly components of this budget that Democrats support. However, the reckless tax plan that Governor Brownback pushed through the Legislature last week completely changes the state’s financial stability. This budget fails to reflect those changes. The moment Governor Brownback signs his tax plan into law Kansas will be on a collision course with a massive deficit, making this budget nothing more than an empty promise.”

The following statement comes from Rep. Bill Feuerborn, the Ranking Minority Member of the House Appropriations Committee:

“Of all the tax plans that were proposed throughout this session, property tax relief is the only plan that received widespread, bipartisan support - both in the Legislature and in local communities. Unfortunately, this budget fails to recognize that. With a surplus that is projected to surpass $600 million, we can afford to grant much needed property tax relief for all Kansans. Also, it is completely inexcusable that we would rob the KPERS fund of $10 million when the fund has an unfunded liability and the state has a large ending balance.”

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