The following statement comes from Rep. Jim Ward, Wichita, in response to formal complaint issued by House Republicans:

“I regret that Republicans feel that they were “tricked” into voting for property tax relief, but this exercise is a complete waste of taxpayer time and money. The intent of the amendment I offered last week was to cut Kansas property taxes, not to deceive or embarrass Republican legislators who failed to read the legislation before them.”

The following statement comes from House Democratic Leader Paul Davis, Lawrence:

“Rep. Ward has not broken a single House rule. This complaint is an overreaction by Republicans who voted for a bill they didn’t read, denied Kansans much needed property tax relief, and are now wasting the Legislature's time when we have more important things to debate.

“House Republicans should be careful about accusing others of inappropriate conduct. Several members of the Republican caucus have been involved in disturbing incidents over the last year that most Kansans consider much more egregious than offering an amendment to cut property taxes.”  


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