Wichita, KS: Henry Helgerson was elected to the Kansas Legislature Tuesday night to represent the 83rd House District in Wichita. Helgerson defeated Chris Pumpelly by a vote of four to two in a third round of voting. The first two rounds of voting resulted in ties.

Helgerson replaces Rep. Caroline Bridges who resigned earlier in the month.

"I thank Rep. Bridges for her service and I welcome Rep. Helgerson back to the Kansas Legislature,͟ House Democratic Leader Rep. Tom Burroughs stated. ͞"There is a lot of work to be done in the upcoming session and Henry is well equipped to hit the ground running."

Helgerson served in the Kansas House from 1983-2000 and the Kansas Senate from 2003-2004.

"I've had several years of sitting on the sideline, and I’m fed up,͟ Helgerson said. ͞The state we’re in now isn’t the state I remember or the state the citizens deserve."

Helgerson identified balancing the budget as his top priority this session. ͞Under Brownback there has been a distortion in funding for schools, a robbing of the highway programs, and we are farther in debt than ever been,͟ Helgerson said. ͞Resolving the budget deficit will be top of my list when I get to Topeka.”

The 2016 Kansas Legislative Session will begin on Monday, January 11th. Helgerson will serve on the following committees in the House: Veterans, Military, and Homeland Security, Transportation, and Tax.

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