Topeka, KS - On Wednesday, the maximum penalty for errors in misreporting funds was levied against Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s campaign.  Kobach’s campaign was caught misreporting $35,011.52 in contributions and $42,947.73 in expenditures.  The Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission, which originally uncovered the errors, found Kobach’s continued insistence that he self-reported the errors “disappointing.” On a vote of 7-2, the commission voted for a $5,000 fine, the maximum allowed for such errors.

On Thursday, House Democratic Leader Paul Davis issued the following statement:

“During the last legislative session I offered a proposal to require statewide elected officials - who are elected by taxpayers to serve the state full time - to refrain from outside employment during their term of public service. Sec. Kobach’s disturbing pattern of violations of both state and federal ethics laws, and his failure to devote the time needed to do something as simple as file a campaign finance report correctly indicate a lack of focus.”

“Sec. Kobach is spending too much time traveling around the country on a personal crusade and not enough time doing the job the people of Kansas elected - and pay - him to do. I’m once again calling on Sec. Kobach to end his private legal practice, which is obviously taking up so much time that he can't even follow the laws that his own office helps to enforce, and become a full time Secretary of State."

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