The following statement comes from House Democratic Leader Paul Davis:

Kansans will not measure the Legislature’s success in 2012 by the size of the tax cut we give to big businesses and the rich. Kansans want their children to have smaller class sizes, better educational opportunities, and fewer school fees. These should be the priorities of this Legislature.

SB 177 is a bad tax plan that will merely run Kansas into the red at a slower rate than an even worse tax plan that is already on the Governor’s desk. Kansans deserve better choices than ‘bad’ or ‘worse’ - especially when both are avoidable.

After five months and several variations, no income tax plan surfaced that ensures the state will be able to restore - and maintain - funding for public education and core services. No plan requires big corporations and the wealthiest citizens to pay their fair share of the tax burden. No plan has been proven to stimulate private sector growth.

Even the Governor’s closest allies refer to the ‘nuclear option’ on his desk as ‘the worst tax bill ever.’ Governor Brownback does not have to sign the ‘nuclear option’, and he shouldn’t. He should veto the bill, show some leadership, and negotiate a better plan in 2013 that addresses the concerns of Kansas communities. It is completely irresponsible to purposefully sign a reckless bill ‘in hopes’ that it can be fixed later.

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