House Rejects Tax Proposal
Approve more than $2.8 billion in new taxes on Kansas families

Topeka, KS: Today Democratic members of the House of Representatives rejected a tax proposal that would raise $2.8 billion in taxes on Kansas families.

“The bill brought forth today was not a sincere proposal,” said Rep. Tom Burroughs, House Democratic Leader; citing the conference committee on taxation was already scheduled upon adjournment of the House indicating Republican leadership believed the bill would fail.

“I voted no because the proposal was not responsible, equitable, or sustainable,” Rep. Tom Burroughs said. “A fair tax policy requires everyone to pay their fair share, and this bill taxes Kansas families at a higher rate than businesses.”

The 2012 failed tax plan has undeniably created the financial crisis the state is facing, and the plan before the House today does not do enough to the reverse the damage it caused. “Continuing to cut income tax rates is irresponsible and it not sound public policy,” Rep. Burroughs commented.

“It is unfair to balance the state’s budget on the backs of middle class and working families,” Burroughs said of the proposal, which would raise sales taxes to 6.45%.

“The state needs a long-term sustainable solution, and this plan relies on one-time revenue sources and only generates nominal ending balances,” Burroughs said. “Kansas need and deserve better.”

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