Kansas House Democrats Denounce End of DACA
September 5 2017 – House Democratic Leader Representative Jim Ward, Representative John Alcala, Representative Louis Ruiz, and Representative Ponka-We Victors together issued a statement this afternoon following President Trump’s announcement that he will end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA):
“We are appalled and outraged at the decision of President Trump to end the DACA program. This is a merciless move that not only harms more than 800,000 Americans, but the United States’ economy, workforce, and wellbeing. DACA recipients contribute $1.2 billion in new tax revenue every year. 95% of DACA participants are currently working or in school.

More than half of DACA recipients were brought to the United States before the age of six, by no choice of their own. These are young people in our communities, the future of our state and of our country, vital to creating a strong and vibrant economy. That the president would punish these children and young people for a decision they didn’t make, after years of contributing to our society, is cold and cruel.

Kansas will lose over 12,500 of some of its most valuable citizens, and $300,038,096 a year in GDP, according to CNBC. DACA participants have worked with and for this country, serving in our military, stimulating the economy - and now face the terrifying possibility of being removed from the place they were raised, the only place they’ve ever known as home.  This move is heartless and economically backwards.

We can all agree that the immigration process in our country needs an overhaul, but destroying the lives of our children is not a solution. Congress must show leadership and do the right thing – both for these children and for our country’s economic health – and fully restore DACA.”