Kyle KesslerTOPEKAKyle Kessler, a Topeka Democrat, has taken initial steps to run for the Kansas Legislature by filing a treasurer with the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission. Kyle will challenge Lana Gordon for the 52nd House District.

A lifelong Kansan, Kyle has lived in Topeka for about nine years, with his wife Mindi, and their daughters Grace, 8, and Molly, 6.  Kessler is Vice President of Governmental Affairs and Communications for KVC Health Systems, a large non-profit organization that works health care and child welfare services in many states including Kansas.

“I’m running for the Kansas House as an independent voice for effective and efficient government,” Kyle said. “Whether it’s working to create jobs or improve the quality of education, you can trust me to always work in the best interest of your family.”

With Kansas in the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, Kyle’s first priority will be creating jobs in Topeka. “We can put Kansans back to work by supporting and promoting small businesses in Topeka,” Kyle said.

Kyle also believes that Legislators should spend each taxpayer dollar wisely. “Whether we are in times of prosperity or recession, it is essential to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars by providing a government of value and funding essential state services,” said Kyle.

One of the most essential state services is education, but budget cuts threaten to reverse the progress that has been made. “I will fight to fund our neighborhood schools while ensuring that the maximum amount of money is spent in the classroom and not on more administration and bureaucracy,” Kyle said.

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