Legislature Adjourns for Long Weekend, Leaves unfinished business behind

Topeka, KS: Having already surpassed the 90-day session deadline, the Kansas Legislature adjourned today for a four-day holiday weekend without passing a budget or a tax plan.

“Each day the legislature is in session beyond the 90th day costs the state more than $43,000 -- the equivalent of one public school teacher’s salary,” Burroughs said. “It is past time the Republican Leadership get serious about completing the state’s business.”

Although a budget bill is being assembled in conference committee, members have not yet had the opportunity to debate the budget on the house floor.

“The Kansas Legislature is constitutionally required to do one thing: pass a budget,” said Burroughs. “Yet after more than 90 days, the House has yet to pass or even debate a budget.”

The budget in its current form spends $406 million more than the state is projected to take in next year. Thus, the legislature must consider ways to cut spending and/or raise revenue.

“We have known for months that Brownback’s fiscal experiment has failed leaving our state with a gapping hole in the budget,” Burroughs said. “It's time we consider and pass a realistic solution that is responsible, equitable, and sustainable.”

Democrats remain willing to work with the Republican super-majority to solve the problems at hand. “We need a reasonable plan forward, and as of now Republican leadership is not offering one.” said Burroughs.

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