Topeka, KS: Adrienne Olejnik of Rossville announced on Thursday that she is running for the Kansas House of Representatives. Olejnik, a Democrat, will challenge incumbent Republican Ron Highland in the 51st district.

Olejnik, who is the executive director of the Rossville Community Library and a member of the Rossville City Council, cited a desire to create opportunity for all as her reason for running for the Kansas Legislature.

”I am running for office because I can’t sit quietly and idly by any longer as Gov. Brownback and Rep. Highland pass damaging policies, putting at risk the future of the entire state,͟” Olejnik said.”I want my children to be proud to be Kansans and to know what that means: to be hardworking, respectful, and committed to their fellow citizens.”

Olejnik cited education as an example.”A strong public education system provides opportunities for everyone to reach their God-given potential. In addition to investing financial resources in our children’s futures, we need to be willing to give teachers, administrators, and school boards the support they need to ensure success.”

In addition to education, Olejnik, who has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance and Management, supports sound fiscal policies that grow the economy, create quality jobs, sustain core services, and promote Kansas values.

“Gov. Brownback and Rep. Highland have created a downright dangerous economic situation,͟Olejnik said.”They have misappropriated funds intended for our children and our highways and used them to cover revenue shortfalls that resulted from their failed tax experiment.”

“In addition to eliminating taxes for more than 330,000 businesses in Kansas, Brownback and Highland passed the largest tax increase in Kansas history, disproportionately effecting middle class families.”

Olejnik has strong ties to her community and a history of involvement and leadership. She has served on the Rossville Community Foundation board and is a member of the Kansas Action for Children Board of Directors. She is a member of the Leadership of Greater Topeka Class of 2015 and participated in the Kansas Leadership Center Lead for Change program.

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