House Adjourns without Passing Budget
Burroughs points to lack of leadership in Republican Party 

Topeka, KS: With the House and Senate at an impasse, the Kansas Legislature adjourned on early Thursday morning without passing a tax package. House Democratic Leader Tom Burroughs criticized Republicans who hold super majorities in both chambers.

“There were two key elements in play this session: a failure to acknowledge the problem and a failure to compromise.” Both issues, Burroughs said, could be attributed to a failure of leadership. “Neither the governor nor House or Senate leadership were able to bridge the divide and gather consensus among the various factions of the Republican Party.”

Throughout the course of the record setting 111 day legislative session, Democrats opposed the short-sighted and irresponsible policies of the Brownback Administration. “On behalf of Kansans, Democrats stood strong against the governor and his failed policies,” Burroughs said. “None of the tax packages brought forward fixed the root cause of the problem, and we did not want to see the can kicked down the road once again.”

Moving forward, Burroughs said the House Democratic Caucus would continue to fight for Kansans, support the programs and services citizens’ value, and pass a balanced budget.

“Democrats are committed to passing a responsible, equitable, and sustainable tax package, no matter how long it takes, because that’s what the people deserve.”

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