Scott Seel, Candidate For Kansas 54th, Reports Bipartisan Fundraising To Put Good Policy Before Politics

AUBURN, Kan. -- Scott Seel received more than $10,000 in donations in 2009 to support his candidacy for the seat in the Kansas House of Representatives, 54th District.

In the campaign finance report filed with the state today, the Seel for Kansas campaign reported $8,800 in monetary donations and in-kind donations of $1,770. About 99 percent of all donations came from individual donors, with an average monetary donation of approximately $60.

"I am proud of the broad support I received during 2009," Seel said. "This strong level of grassroots support proves that good ideas don't come with party labels. The people of Kansas are looking for leaders who will put good policy before politics.  I look forward to meeting more of my fellow Kansans and hope to have the opportunity to serve them in the Legislature."

Seel, who will be 27 at the time of the November election, is one of a few young candidates running to help change the entrenched politics in the Topeka Statehouse. A life-long Kansan, Seel has become increasingly dissatisfied with the current Legislature and representation in the 54th District. If elected, Seel will focus on good policy rather than political labels.

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